Woodhaven Observer Article: Local Realtor Questioned

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Woodhaven realtor questioned by police in connection with recent house fire.

The community was rocked this week when local realtor, Melissa Harvey Connor, was questioned in connection with the recent destruction of several brand new houses in Banbury, near Woodhaven. Ms. Connor, a lifelong resident of Woodhaven, denies any knowledge of the cause of the fire that destroyed nine single-family homes which had remained empty since their construction nearly a year ago.

Connor is known to be a good friend (and, some say, with “benefits”) of the owner of Brentnor’s Bricks and Stones, builder of the Banbury subdivision.

A source for the Observer, speaking on condition of anonymity, claims that for the last year Connor has been deliberately withholding buyers’ offers from the house sellers whom she represents.

“That’s horse- [expletive] and you know it,” was Connor’s response to our journalist’s questions on the matter. “This kind of, like, disrespect would totally never have happened when Patsy Traynor’s uncle was in charge of this newspaper. These days, it’s nothing more than, like, a thyroid [sic] at a grocery store checkout,” she said, before driving away, holding her cell phone to her ear, to her home on Juniper Street, Woodhaven.

Editor-in-Chief Traynor (to whom Connor referred) worked for forty years at the Woodhaven Observer before his retirement to the Caribbean last year. Since his departure, it has become apparent that his female intern and many thousands of dollars from Observer funds also retired to the same location. His wife is still a resident of Woodhaven.

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