The Coffee Morning Posse

Charlie (Charlotte to her mother)

Another transplant from Milton Keynes; married to Lee, who works with Oliver. Libby has never forgiven Lee for his behaviour at one office Christmas dinner, when he spent three hours staring down the front of her LBD (emphasis on the L), which she has never since felt comfortable wearing.

Charlie, however, is one of the more sane members of the Coffee Morning Posse of expat wives. She feels no need to brag about the latest addition to her jewellery box.

Anita King

Married to Sam, comes from Newcastle. Buys her earrings from Walmart.


In Libby’s words: One of those women with carefully messy hair, sunglasses welded to the top of her head, and an even, natural tan. Designer handbag, designer flip-flops, and a designer child attached to manicured hand.

Appearances can be deceptive, however. Julia isn’t as bad as her coiffed image seems. She got into a bad crowd, that’s all. (See “Caroline”.)


The boss’s wife. Bribed her son’s way into Patsy Traynor’s nursery school after he was asked to leave his last one for repeatedly bashing other children over the head with large toys. Wishes that Dominic (her son) had been born a girl, which might explain a lot about his behaviour. Gave her second child a gender-neutral name and has so far refused to reveal the sex of the baby, who is a couple of weeks older than Libby’s twins.

Caroline is one of those people who have stupidly underestimated Libby.